The London Merchant


Welcome to a company dedicated to the vision of the beautiful table.    We begin with the launch of Laura Ashley Blueprint Collectables.  Attractive, nostalgic and affordable.   For lovers of blue and white, for those who remember the early days of Laura Ashley when she designed the much loved now legendary small prints, and those who just want to break away from the more formal "matching" tableware that is prevalent right now, this is for you.  Laura was an iconic designer from Wales who made a change in the fabric industry and subsequently the world of fashion.   The designs in the Blueprint Collectable collection are some of her earliest prints which are still wonderfully relevant to today.


Coming soon we will be introducing other designs from Britain and Europe.   Not too formal, not too expensive and not products that you will see everywhere  (or in some cases anywhere) in the United States.    


The London Merchant began life in 1995 importing household goods from Britain and Europe and has subsequently expanded to include the world of tea and food.  We are a family business, ourselves from England, and our greatest joy is finding products which are unique and will excite you.


Feel free to contact us with any questions, we welcome your comments and will do our best to give you the best possible service.